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Ministry of Defence / Key events / News / Defence Ministry finalises evaluation of bids for supply of 4x4 tactical vehicles
Defence Ministry finalises evaluation of bids for supply of 4x4 tactical vehicles

Ministry of Defence (MoD) has begun the final selection of preferred bid for supply of light and medium 4x4 tactical vehicles based on operational and technical needs of National Armed Forces (NAF).


As already reported, negotiated procedure for purchase of light and medium 4x4 tactical vehicles was conducted in two stages. 12 bidders submitted their bids for the negotiated procedure, of which 6 bidders were found by the Procurement Committee to be eligible for Phase 2 of negotiated procedure.


In Stage 2, Procurement Committee received 4 bids from Oy Sisu Auto (Finland) – GTP 4x4, AM General (USA) – HMMWV, Paramount Group (South Africa) – Marauder LAV and Otokar (Turkey) – Cobra. As required by the rules of negotiated procedure, National Armed Forces tested the proposed vehicles in May of 2018.


Testing focused on technical performance of vehicles and whether they meet the technical needs of National Armed Forces. Vehicles were tested both on public roads and in off-road conditions.  This was the first time in history of NAF that it had to evaluate such vehicles, and proposed vehicles were tested by experts from almost all branches of NAF.


Procurement Committee had several rounds of negotiations with all four bidders to collect additional information and technical data about bids. Committee is currently reviewing the collected bid information.


Regulations of tender require selection experts to render their decision based on criteria like operational performance of vehicles, compliance with technical standards of NAF, price and security of supply.


It had been previously reported that light and medium high-mobility armoured four-wheel drive (4x4) tactical vehicles will significantly promote the tactical mobility of Latvian Armed Forces. Tactical mobility is a key feature of combat readiness of army units and shortage of transport platforms across units of National Armed Forces diminishes their ability to complete the identified tasks.


These vehicles will also play an important role in implementation of artillery, air defence and National Guard development projects. These vehicles have to be suitable for personnel, cargo transportation, command and control, and medical support needs. Vehicles will be armoured and suitable for necessary weapons.


In 2018, defence spending will amount to €576.34 million, of which €220.27 million will be spent on developing required capabilities. Most part of the 2018 defence spending will go into capability development projects like infrastructure, air control and defence capabilities, further mechanisation of Land Force Mechanized Infantry Brigade, boosting of combat and response capabilities of National Armed Forces and the National Guard.

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