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Structural Unit


Name and Surname

Telephone, e-mail



Raimonds Bergmanis


+371 67335114

Minister's Bureau

Senior Desk Officer (Secretary)

Santa Škogale

+371 67335114,

  Parlamentary Secretary  Andrejs Panteļējevs

+371 67335112,

  Head of Minister's Bureau
Ieva Apine

+371 67335188,


Minister’s PR Advisor

Līga Krapāne

+371 67335055,


Minister’s Legal Advisor

Kaspars Ķikste

+371 67335060,


Minister's Military Advisor

Andris Rozītis

+371 67335017, 

  Minister's Economic Advisor  Jānis Zablovskis

+371 67335110,


State Secretary

Jānis Garisons

+371 67335119,

Senior Desk Officer (Secretary)

Ilze Lapiņa

+371 67335119,


Deputy Secretary of State - Policy Director 

Jānis Karlsbergs

+371 67335059,

  Deputy Secretary of State for Administrative and Legal Affairs
Ilona Dreģe

+371 67335125,

  Deputy Secretary of State for Logistics Aivars Puriņš

+371 67335116,

  Deputy Secretary of State for Finance Everita Palma-Jansone

+371 67335151,


Executive Secretary for Military Capability Development 

BrigGen Juris Kiukucāns

+371 67335117, 

Security Section

Head of Section

Agris Baranovskis

+371 67335220,

  Deputy Head of Section Elvīra Šmukste

+371 67335298,

National Cybersecurity
Policy Coordination

Head of Section

Ieva Ilves

+371 67335105,

Military Computer Emergency Readiness Team (MilCERT) Head
LTC Guntis Smilgzdrivs

+371 67177971,;

Administrative and Document Management Department 

Director of Department - Head of Administrative Section 

Evija Moora-Sīpola 

+371 67335108, 

Records and Archives Management Section

Head of Section 

Irina Zeigliša

+371 67335211, 

Military Public Affairs Department

Director of Department

Kaspars Galkins

+371 67335085,
+371 29478861,

Military Public Information Section

Head of Section

Sintija Oškalne

+371 67335132,

Media Relations Section

Head of Section

Anete Gnēze

+371 67335093,
+371 26474087,

Audit and Inspection Department

Director of Department - Head of Audit section

Mārtiņs Paškēvičs

+371 67335228,

  Deputy Director of Department - General Inspector
Mārtiņš Vilsons

+371 67335253,

  Deputy General Inspector
CPT Māris Bruža

+371 67335219,

Defence Planning and Analysis Department

Director of Department

Aigars Mikiško

+371 67335235, 

Defence Planning Section

Head of Section

Uģis Norītis

+371 67335134,


Deputy Head of Section 

Anita Šaraka

+371 67335275, 

Structural Long-term Planning Section

Head of Section

LTC Armands Veters

+371 67335204,

Attachés and Representatives Section

Head of Section

Renāte Ancāne

+371 67335232,

  Deputy Head of Section
Ieva Puriņa

+371 67335262,

Defence Policy Department

Director of Department

Rolands Heniņš

+371 67335245,

Defence Policy and Strategy Section

Head of Section

Mārtiņš Vargulis

+371 67335034,

  Deputy Head of Section
Sanita Lapčenoka

+371 67335179,

Bilateral Cooperation Section

Head of Section

Didzis Nīmants

+371 67335218,

Multilateral Relations and International Organizations Section

Head of Section

Edvards Seliška

+371 67335028,

Organisation Section

Head of Section

Linda Tišanova

+371 67335271, 

Crisis Management Department

Director of Department

Vitālijs Rakstiņš

+371 67335101,

  Deputy Director of Department - Head of Civil-military Cooperation Section
Edgars Svarenieks

+371 67335029,

Civil-military Cooperation Section  Deputy Head of Section
Ilona Ekmane

+371 67335184,

International Operations Policy Section

Head of Section

+371 67335284

  Deputy Head of Section
Jevgēnijs Pavlovičs

+371 67335285,

Mobilisation and Host Nation Support Planning Section

Head of Section

LTC Aigars Liepiņš

+371 67335102,

Logistics and Defence Investments Policy Department

Director of Department

Kristīne Rudzīte-Stejskala

+371 67335165,

Provision Strategy Section

Head of Section

Edgars Kiukucāns

+371 67335138,

  Deputy Head of Section
MAJ Andris Daugulis

+371 67335104,

NATO and Military Infrastructure Policy Section

Head of Section

Vineta Mileiko

+371 67335064,

Procurement Planning, Methodology and Support Section Head of Section

Māris Ķuda

+371 67335026,

Defence Capabilities Development Project Section

Sea Coast Surveillance System Project Manager

Signe Legzdiņa

+371 67335001,


Air Space Surveillance Radar Project Manager 

Edgars Slišāns

+371 67335032,

  National Armed Forces Air Base Project Manager Baiba Pikola

+371 67335174,

  Coast Guard Patrol Boat Construction Project and Land Forces Infantry Brigade Mechanisation Project Manager
Jeļena Zubenkova-Birzniece

+371 67335157,

Resource Planning Department

Director of Department

Gunta Keiša

+371 67335163,

Finance Section

Head of Section

Inga Lietiņa

+371 67335160,

  Deputy Head of Section
Ineta Jursiņa-Videmane

+371 67335162,

Budget and Investment Planning Section

Head of Section

Tamāra Kolīte 

+371 67335173,


Deputy Head of Section 

Laura Indriksone 

+371 67335297, 

Legal Department

Director of Department

Svetlana Araslanova

+371 67335133,

Deputy Director of Department

Anita Rimša

+371 67335128,

International Law Section

Head of Section

Anda Ķemme

+371 67335247,

Legal Documents Section

Head of Section

Vita Upeniece 

+371 67335077,

  Deputy Head of Section
Sanita Žogota

+371 67335063,

Private Law Section

Head of Section

Ilze Alkšere

+371 67335217,

  Deputy Head of Section
Kristaps Vecvagars

+371 67335251,

Communications and Information Technology Department

Director of Department

Andis Bērziņš

+371 67335140,

Telecommunications Section

Head of Section

Aivars Plenkovs

+371 67335141,

Information Technology Section

Head of Section

Edgars Liepiņš

+371 67335144,

IT Project Management Section

Head of Section

Ainārs Krastiņš

+371 67335142,

Personnel Development Department

Director of Department

COL Normunds Aleksis

+371 67335269,

  Deputy Director of Department
Gunārs Upītis

+371 67335259,

Personnel Management Section

Head of Section

Ilze Muceniece

+371 67335200,

  Deputy Head of Section
Elita Kļava

+371 67335201,

  Deputy Head of Section of Military Personnel
CPT Zane Šneidere

+371 67335207,

Military Education Section

Head of Section

Liene Liepiņa

+371 67335015,

  Deputy Head of Section
Mikus Jēkabsons

+371 67335013,

Social Issues Section

Head of Section

Andris Jaško

+371 67335197,

Central Accounting Office

Head of Section, Head Accountant

Ingrīda Beļaņina

+371 67335040,

  Deputy Head of Section
Anna Bogdanova

+371 67335189,

  Deputy Head of Section
Inese Veikšina

+371 67335317,

Maintenance Section

Head of Section

Ēriks Ankipāns

+371 67335210


Last updated: on October, 2016.


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