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Aizsardzības ministrija / Aktualitātes / Aktuāli / Aizsardzības ministra uzruna, noslēdzot starptautisko konferenci "Rīgas konference 2018"
Aizsardzības ministra uzruna, noslēdzot starptautisko konferenci "Rīgas konference 2018"

Ladies and gentlemen! You know why I am here - to say a few words and to bid you farewell!

I hope you will pardon me, but I would like to conclude this outstanding conference on the subject of defence.

I hope that these two days have shown you, that for many, sovereign, peaceful countries NATO is as indispensable as ever. In face of all our threats, for countries like my own, NATO is the bedrock, upon which our futures are built.

Today, Latvia spends 2% of GDP for defence and will continue to do so. In years ahead, Latvia will implement a whole of government approach to defence, where every citizen, every business and every institution will have a role to play in case our country is attacked. But even then, if we were to stand alone, no one can guarantee, if it would be enough.

I urge you, my allies and my friends – do not echo the voices that would leave each of us standing alone. The greatest achievement of our civilisation is the empowerment of the individual, but the ability to work together as individuals and as states, is what has allowed us to endure and prosper for so many years.

My friends - Stay united and stay strong! As promised I now must bid you farewell, for even the good things must come to an end…

…except for NATO! Not on our watch!

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