COVID-19 procurements

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In accordance with Section 25, Paragraph one of the Law on Management of the spread of Covid-19 infection, the State Protection Logistics and Procurement Centre shall carry out the centralised purchase of individual protective equipment, medical devices, as well as the laboratory testing services of the referred to goods. The Cabinet shall determine the categories of personal protective equipment and medical devices to be purchased and the amount thereof.

What type of equipment is necessary right now?

The Cabinet of Ministers' Regulation No. of 13 May 2021 Paragraph 308 “Provisions on the Resources Required for Ensuring Epidemiological Safety of Priority Institutions and Institutions Included in the List of Needs” determines the categories and scope of personal protective equipment and medical devices required.

What sets out the range of material and technical equipment needed to control the spread of Covid-19 and the criteria to be set for their provisions?

This information shall be compiled and determined by the State Fire and Rescue Service in cooperation with specialists in the health sector, on the basis of the requirements of all institutions involved in restricting the spread of Covid-19.

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Concluded agreements

Information about the agreements concluded by merchants with the State Defense Military Objects and Procurement Center.

Distribution and use of allocated state budget funds during the Covid-19 pandemic

In accordance with the Amendments of April 2, 2020 to the Cabinet of Ministers Order No. of 12 March 2020 103 "On the declaration of a state of emergency", a subordinate institution to the Ministry of Defense, the National Defense Military Facilities and Procurement Center, in co-operation with the National Armed Forces, took over the management of crisis-related stocks of personal protective equipment and disinfectants, including the centralized procurement according to the amount of goods specified in the list of priority institutions and needs maintained by the state fire and rescue service, as well as ensuring the purchase, storage and retirement of goods after their issue.