Defence priorities

Along with the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Declaration on the Intended Activities of the Cabinet of Ministers is being developed. It is necessary for Saeima deputies to be able to determine their attitude towards the newly-created government before Saeima votes on expressing trust to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Declaration on the Intended Activities of the Cabinet of Ministers headed by Māris Kučinskis, operating as from 11 February 2016, in the field of national defence determines the following tasks:

  • [..] The strengthening of national defence abilities, ensuring the financing of the field of defence in the amount of up to 1.7% of GDP by 2017 and 2% of GDP by 2018 (planning no less than 20% of the defence budget for investments and no more than 50% of the defence budge for personnel expenses).
  • We will improve the self-defence abilities of Latvia, strengthening the combat readiness, as well as response and combat abilities of the National Armed Forces, as well as strengthening their presence in the eastern region of Latvia.
  • We will strengthen the capacity of the National Guard and its role in national defence, developing its combat and response abilities, modernising the equipment of the National Guard and increasing the number of recruited National Guard soldiers, as well as searching for economic stimuli for entrepreneurs that ensure the regular participation of their employees in trainings organised by the National Guard.
  • We will support the educating of youth on national defence, promoting civic consciousness and patriotic education, including the strengthening of the Youth Guard movement, making it available for the youth of Latvian schools, providing Youth Guards with new equipment and continuing increasing the number of Youth Guard units.
  • We will cooperate in activities on strengthening of the NATO collective defence system, ensuring the support of the hosting country for the presence of allied forces in the territory of Latvia, expanding the infrastructure necessary for the hosting of allied forces and training possibilities, as well as participating in international exercises, missions and operations.
  • We will create a national military industrial basis for the needs of maintenance and supply of the National Armed Forces and the National Guard, using the potential of local national economy and science. We will ensure the involvement of Latvian companies in NATO supply chains and support programmes of the European Union level, thus promoting competitiveness, creation of new and innovative defence products and military technologies.
  • We will strengthen national cyber security, introducing single minimum security requirements for all state and local government institutions.
  • By strengthening the security of Europe and NATO’s North-Eastern Region, we will promote the provision of long-term presence of NATO allies in the Baltics.
  • We will provide contribution to the European and global security by participating in and supporting the fight against terrorism, preventing hybrid threats, strengthening border security and the fields of strategic communication. We will strengthen cooperation between the European Union and NATO in the referred to fields. Internal security is one of the corner stones of national security.