Baltijas Aizsardzības koledža

Baltic Defence College, BALTDEFCOL, was established in 1998 in Tartu, Estonia, with an aim to ensure joint training of officers and other defence officials according to single standards. Learning plan of the College is harmonised with training methods and procedures of NATO, thus promoting more effective cooperation of the armed forces of the Baltic States with the allies. High quality of BALTDEFCOL is ensured by military and defence specialists from the Baltic States and other states of NATO and EU. Great attention is paid also to provision of multi-national training environment, incl., inviting students from NATO and EU, as well as from partner states of the NATO. The training is in English.

The College offers three courses:

  • Higher Command Studies Course is a 5-month course, organised every year. The key emphasis is put on operational level training and awareness of regional and global geopolitical processes for officers. The aim is to prepare civil and military managers of the highest level to work in civil and military structures in relation to processes of reforms of the armed forces.
  • Joint Command and General Staff Course is an 11-month course, organised every year. The key emphasis is put on officer training at the operational level. 
  • Civil Servants Course is expected to be launched in autumn 2016 in an updated form as a 12-week course, which is organised every year. The course is aimed at training the national defence officials in the field of joint operations, security and defence planning and management.

Periodically the courses are updated and improved following the latest tendencies and changes to the global security environment. The College organises military political international conferences and seminars on a regular basis discussing the regional topicalities.

The commander of BALTDEFCOL is replaced every three years and, according to rotation principle, the position is taken by a representative of national armed forces of the Baltic States. The current Commandant of BALTDEFCOL is  Major General Andis Dilāns.

The future or long-term objectives of the College is currently being defined (BALTDEFCOL Development Plan 2017-2025), and the key focus of the College would be to continue attraction of students from NATO partner states (in case of Latvia, the priority would be the EU’ Eastern Partnership countries, specially Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) offering specialised studies (specialism in Russia-related questions) to the region. At the same time satisfaction of needs of the BS is ensured, including development of the delegated personnel’s skills and abilities and reflection of limited resources of the Baltics and specific features of the geopolitical location in the study subjects.