Bergmanis: Cooperation with local industry in delivering of unmanned aerial vehicles is crucial for national defence capability development

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National Armed Forces will acquire unmanned aerial vehicles from Latvian manufacturers  based on agreements signed between the Ministry of Defence and UAV FACTORY and Atlas Aerospace. 

"Cooperation with local manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles is crucial for national defence capability development. The key criteria in the selection of unmanned aerial vehicle suppliers was supply security. In general, Latvian unmanned aerial vehicle companies can ensure the supply security in times of crisis, which is critical given the regional security challenges," stresses Defence Minister R.Bergmanis. 

Delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles will enhance aerial surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of the National Armed Forces, as well as reinforce indirect fire support control capabilities. 

Unmanned aerial vehicles delivered to the Latvian army will also be used in search, rescue and other similar civilian operations. 

Proposed technologies were examined by the National Armed Forces in scope of its training and series of field tests. The National Armed Forces also compared the technical characteristics and estimated procurement, maintenance and further upgrading costs with similar products available in other global markets. 

UAV Factory and Atlas Aerospace meet the requirements of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Development Concept of the National Armed Forces. Agreements signed by parties envisage gradual expansion of the cooperation after the initial unmanned aerial vehicle delivery for testing. If testing results will be satisfactory, cooperation will be expanded and companies will continue to fine-tune, upgrade and renew unmanned aerial vehicles based on specifications provided by the National Armed Forces.

UAV Factory was established in 2009 and has sales offices in Latvia and the US. UAV Factory is one of the leading unmanned aircraft suppliers in the world. Unmanned aerial vehicles and cameras manufactured by the company are sold to different military, civil and higher learning institutions in more than 50 countries of the world.  

Beside manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles, Atlas Aerospace, a Latvian company founded in 2016, has also launched a production of unmanned planes. Atlas Aerospace is exporting its technology to several countries, including France, Germany and the Netherlands.

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