Support for Ukraine

Necessary support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In order to strengthen Ukrainian society and the Armed Forces during the time of war, we encourage different businesses and companies that are willing and ready to donate first aid medical supplies, food with a long shelf life or other assistance to contact the Ministry of Defence.

List of necessary support items can be found here.

More information about providing assistance can be obtained by writing an email to

The Ministry of Defence emphasizes that the individual equipment required for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is retailed by specially licensed companies, cannot be purchased by private individuals, and the export of military or dual-use goods requires an export license (tel. +371 67016430).

Opportunities for individual support for Ukrainian people

The Ministry of Defence encourages everyone to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian war refugees by contacting the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvia, as well as in cooperation with charitable organizations such as ‘’’’ and '''' and non-governmental organization ‘’’’.

The website of the Ministry of Economics: lists several websites where everyone can indicate their individual assistance options.

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened an account in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to receive fund transfers from international partners and donors  -  UA843000010000000047330992708.

Requisites for donations outside the European Union:

  • We inform you that a commission fee may be applied when making a donation transfer!


More information about personal assistance options:

The joint and coordinated assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees

Single 24/7 helpline: +371 27380380