Support for Ukraine

Latvia's support to Ukraine

Latvia continues to provide military support to Ukraine’s armed forces. Since the start of Russian invasion of Ukraine, Latvia has provided military support in the amount of nearly 1% of its gross domestic product, making us one of the biggest supporters of Ukraine. In addition to military support, Latvia has also  offered Ukraine extensive military training. Since the start of the full-scale invasion around 4000 Ukraine's armed forces soldiers have been trained. In 2024 training will continue and will become even more compact.

In cash terms, Latvia’s defence sector has provided military support in the amount of EUR 370 million, including unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, howitzers, weapons and personal equipment, ammunition, anti-tank weapons, Stinger air defence systems, radars, ration packs, IT equipment, land vehicles, petrol and various weapons systems.

In 2024, the Latvian government's planned support to Ukraine will exceed €200 million, including military aid of approximately €112 million, equivalent to 0.25% of GDP. 

Drone Coalition for Ukraine

Unmanned aerial vehicles are a vital asset for Ukraine. Its drone capabilities have significantly influenced the war strategies and tactical command. The main purpose of Coalition is therefore to make drone deliveries to Ukraine as efficient and swift as possible, while also stepping up UAV capabilities of Latvia and other allies.

In February of 2024, during the Meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence in Brussels, Great Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany and Sweden signed the letter of intent to join the Drone Coalition for Ukraine established by Latvia. In March, Canada and Australia joined the coalition. 

By signing the letter of intent, countries have agreed to commit resources for manufacturing of drones and will deliver these drones and spare parts to Ukraine, where they will be tested and Coalition will also train Ukrainian troops on how to use them and integrate with other technologies.

Ministry of Defence has received information about drones from Ukraine and has already reached out to local companies, inviting them to propose the structure of drone and spare part delivery to Ukraine based on specifications.

Latvia intends to invest at least EUR 10 million annually in further development of the Drone Coalition for Ukraine.

Necessary Support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In order to strengthen Ukrainian society and the Armed Forces during the time of war, we encourage different businesses and companies that are willing and ready to donate first aid medical supplies, food with a long shelf life or other assistance to contact the Ministry of Defence.

List of necessary support items can be found here.

The Ministry of Defence emphasizes that the individual equipment required for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is retailed by specially licensed companies, cannot be purchased by private individuals, and the export of military or dual-use goods requires an export license (tel. +371 67016430).




Possibilities for Individual Support for Ukrainian People

Ministry of Defence invites everyone to join the humanitarian aid campaigns for Ukrainian war refugees by contacting Ministry of Interior of Latvia. You can also reach out directly to charitable organisations like "" and NGOs, such as "Latvian Red Cross" and "Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem/I Want to Help Refugees".

Webpage of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Latvia contains information about types of support that all groups of society can provide, both legal and natural entities. If you open the webpage, you can indicate the kind of support you can provide:


The Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Latvia has opened an official bank account to collect donations for the purchase of necessary equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as humanitarian aid for Ukrainian citizens suffering from Russia's war against Ukraine.

Information for transfers:
Currency: EUR / USD
Recipient: Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Latvia
Account number: LV14HABA0551054837260
Recipient's bank: AS Swedbank, Balasta dambis 15, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia
Purpose of payment: Charitable aid to Ukraine


The National Bank of Ukraine has opened an account in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to receive fund transfers from international partners and donors – UA843000010000000047330992708.

Requisites for donations outside the European Union:

  • We inform you that a commission fee may be applied when making an international donation transfer!


More information about personal assistance options:

Information for Ukrainians coming to Latvia

Infoline: +371 27380380 (9.00-17.00)