About Us

About The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia

Ministry of Defence is the first-level executive government body responsible for defence and led by the defence minister.

Latvia’s core national defence tasks include forecasting and prevention of military threats, safeguarding of national independence, territorial integrity and population safety across Latvia.

The Ministry of Defence is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the national defence policy, planning of defence spending and activities, military command and education of defence forces. Defence minister is the civilian official overseeing the National Armed Forces and other units reporting to the Ministry.

Top Officials

Defence budget

The defence budget in 2024 is planned 1 128 380 620 EUR or 2.4% of GDP. The defence budget will increase to 3% of GDP in 2027. 

Social security

Ministry of Defence coordinates

  • Health benefits for soldiers

  • Military pensions

  • Healthcare for retired military personnel

Media contacts

Roberts Skraučs

Head of Media Relations Section



Media Relations Section is responsible for public affairs of the defence sector, including National Armed Forces of Latvia.

For general questions and media requests please contact Head of Media Relations section or press officers.

Contact for raising alarms

Lieutenant Colonel Rolands Moļņiks

Deputy Head of the General Inspection Division



The General Inspection Division and the Audit Inspection Department is responsible for the defense sector - communication with alarm raisers.

Alarm reports are submitted in accordance with the Alert Raising Law, additional information can be found at the State Chancellery.

If you have any questions about raising alarm, please contact Leuthenant Colonel Rolands Moļniks or the contact point of the alarmers - the State Chancellery.

Contacts for receiving the Special Military Permit (licence)

Ministry of Defence Licensing Commission




Documents for receiving the Special Military Permit (licence) shall be submitted to the licensing Commission of the Ministry of Defence (address: K.Valdemar iela1012, Riga, LV-1473) or with a secure electronic signature: pasts@mod.gov.lv.

For answers related to licensing procedure questions, please write an email to: licences@mod.gov.lv or phone to: 67335233.

How to find us

Address: K. Valdemāra iela 10/12, Rīga, LV-1473

Telephone: 67335113 (Secretariat) , 67335093 (Media Relation Section) 

E-mail: pasts@mod.gov.lv

Bank details:

Reg.No: 90000022632

Bank Name: Valsts kase, TRELLV22

Account No: LV38TREL2100011017000

Ministry of Defence working hours:
Monday - Thursday from 8.15 to 17.00
Friday from 8.15 until 15.45.

You can reach us by writing to our official e-address.

We urge you not to use regular e-mail in case you need to submit any data related to phyisical persons, commerical and other sensitive information!