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58Minister of Defence

20Minister's Bureau


22Security Section

25Military Computer Emergency Readiness Team (MilCERT)

11Administrative and Document Management Department

39Document and Archive Management Section

17Military Public Affairs Department

32Military Public Information Section

31Media Relations Section

26Audit and Inspection Department

69General Inspection

12Defence Planning and Analysis Department

37Structure and Military Personnel Development Planning Section

38Defence Planning Section

13Defence Policy Department

40Defence Policy and Strategy Section

41Bilateral Cooperation Section

42Multilateral Relations and International Organizations Section

43Organisation section

14Crisis Management Department

44Operational Planning Section

112Comprehensive National Defence Implementation Coordination Unit

46National Cybersecurity Policy Coordination Section

15Logistics and Defence Investments Policy Department

47Industry and Research Section

48Provision Strategy Section

49NATO and Military Infrastructure Policy Section

50Procurement Planning, Methodology and Support

70Defence Capabilities Development Project Section

16Resource Planning Department

51Finance Section

52Budget and Investment Planning Section

19Legal Department

53International Law Section

54Legal Documents Section

55Private Law Section

18Information and Communications Technology Department

56Information and Communications Technology Maintenance Section

57Information and Communications Technology Project Management and Policy Planning Section

24Personnel Section

71Social Issues Section

23Central Accounting Office

60Defence sector's representatives in international organisations

86Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL)

61Defence Section of the Delegation of Latvia to NATO

62MoD Representatives to EU

63Military Representation of NAF to NATO/EU

64Military Representation of NAF to NATO SHAPE (Mons, Belgium)

65Military Representation of NAF to NATO HQ ACT (Norfolk, USA)

59Defence Attachés