Collective defence exercise 'CMX2019' tests the top government officials and decision-making procedures

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Today, on 14 May, top government, security service officials and public administration experts took part in NATO crisis management exercise CMX 2019. The aim of the training was to improve crisis management and planning expertise, as well as decision-making and implementation procedures.

Exercise was attended by Raimonds Vējonis, President of the Republic of Latvia, Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, Krišjānis Kariņš, Prime Minister, other members of the Cabinet and top officials of government services and crisis management experts of the key government bodies.

Training focused on draft decisions proposed by experts of government agencies.

As reported earlier, CMX 2019 was designed around a hypothetical scenario based on actual collective defence procedures set out in Article 4 and Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. Participants of the training were required to rehearse the practical implementation of decisions adopted during the Brussels and previous NATO summits. CMX 2019 exercise and the simulation of complex civil-military scenario is a test of NATO's comprehensive response to contemporary security challenges.

CMX 2019 tested the response and strategic management of member countries using a fictitious crisis scenario. 

Training was intended for civilian and military staffs of member countries, NATO Headquarters and both Strategic Commands, as well as officials of responsible member country authorities. NATO crisis management exercise CMX 2019 included the participation of Finland and Sweden as partners alongside Allies in the exercise.      

As with previous CMX exercises, CMX 2019 involved no Allied forces. 

NATO crisis management exercise CMX 2019 is conducted across the Alliance. Training in all countries, including Latvia, began on 9 May and will conclude tomorrow, on 15 May. This is the Alliance’s 22nd annual Crisis Management Exercise (CMX).

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