Republic of Latvia Minister of Defence Award – Medal of Honorary Recognition

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The Medal of Honorary Recognition was founded in 1996. 
The Medal of Honorary Recognition is conferred as an acknowledgement of appreciation for merit in the development and strengthening of National Armed Forces, for merit in military-patriotic education, and in the formation of citizens’ national awareness by training them to be ready to defend their state and native land. 

The Medal of Honorary Recognition is made of silver. The Medal is a round shield that measures 38 mm in diameter. An ancient Latvian wooden castle is depicted in the centre of the obverse of the Medal surrounded by the inscription ATZINĪBAS GODA ZĪME (Medal of Honorary Recognition). The reverse has the inscription AIZSARDZĪBAS MINISTRA APBALVOJUMS (Minister of Defence Award) in the centre. 

The medals are numbered. 

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) Awards Commission reviews recommendations for a person to be awarded with this award and submits its decision to the Minister of Defence. The Medal of Honorary Recognition is conferred by order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Latvia. 

According to the Statutes of the Medal of Honorary Recognition it is permitted to award a person with this Medal only once.

The Medal of Honorary Recognition is the highest MoD award; it is worn in order of precedence after state awards on a 32 mm wide blue ribbon with two vertical silver stripes. 10 mm wide ribbon is worn on a dress uniform.