Republic of Latvia Minister of Defence Award – Ministry of Defence Badge

AM krūšu zīme








The Ministry of Defence (MoD) Badge was founded in 1996 reinstating the historical Republic of Latvia Ministry of War Council and Office, and the Latvian Army Budget and Credit Department badge, originally established by the Minister of War of the Republic of Latvia in 1924. 
The badge is conferred to soldiers and civilians, who have served in the Ministry of Defence and its subordinated institutions not less than three years.

The MoD Badge is a hexagonal silver star that measures 50 mm in diameter. The Latvian Small Coat of Arms with numbers 19 and 91 on its either side surmounting a vertical field gun, muzzle up, and a diagonally crossed sword and rifle, hilt and barrel up, enclosed by an oak wreath is depicted in the centre of the Badge. The MoD logo (Latvian riflemen, later Latvian Army headgear insignia) – the radiant sun with three stars is located on the top of the Badge. 

The badges are numbered. 

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) Awards Commission reviews recommendations for a person to be awarded with this award and submits its decision to the Minister of Defence. The MoD Badge is conferred by an order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Latvia. 

According to the Statutes of the MoD Badge it is permitted to award a person with the Badge only once.

The MoD Badge is worn on military uniform or on a civilian suit below state and military decorations. The MoD Badge is to be placed above other badges. The wearing of the MoD Badge is not obligatory.