Republic of Latvia Minister of Defence Award – Ministry of Defence Certificate of Recognition

Goda raksts individuālais     Goda raksts kolektīvais    








The Ministry of Defence (MoD) Certificate of Recognition was founded in 1996 and amended in 2002.

A person or a group of persons can be awarded with the Certificate of Recognition as an acknowledgement of appreciation for contribution in the development of the Latvian National Armed Forces, for merit in military-patriotic education, and in the formation of citizens’ national strength awareness by training them to be ready to defend their state and native land. 

There are two types of the MoD Certificate of Recognition: with a grey-shaded background for individual awarding and a white background for awarding to a group of persons. Crossed spears and swords, heads and hilts up, surmounting an ancient Latvian wooden castle on a rising sun, enclosed by oak branches is depicted in the upper central part with the MoD logo (Latvian riflemen, later Latvian Army headgear insignia) – the radiant sun with three stars is located on the top of the Certificate. The semicircular shield with the inscription LATVIJAS REPUBLIKAS AIZSARDZĪBAS MINISTRIJA (the Republic of Latvia Ministry of Defence) and GODA RAKSTS (Certificate of Recognition) is located in the centre of the Certificate. The shield is superimposed by oak branches. 

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) Awards Commission reviews recommendations for a person to be awarded with this award and submits its decision to the Minister of Defence. The MoD Badge is conferred by an order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Latvia . 

It is permitted to award a person or a group of persons with the Certificate more than once.