Comprehensive national defence exercise Namejs 2023 takes place in Latvia

09/04/2023 - 13:14
In Latvia
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From 5 September to 2 October, the comprehensive national defence exercise Namejs 2023, organised by the National Armed Forces, will take place across Latvia.

In order to improve and strengthen the ability to perform tasks in the event of a national emergency, the comprehensive national defence exercise Namejs 2023 involves cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and its subordinate institutions, the Ministry of the Interior and its subordinate institutions, the State Emergency Medical Service, as well as a number of municipalities and business entities.

The Namejs 2023 exercise will be attended by soldiers and national guards from all units of the National Armed Forces, as well as first conscripts and reserve soldiers of the State Defence Service. Together with Latvian and allied armed forces soldiers and national guards, the exercise will involve state and local government institutions, as well as representatives from private sector companies and organisations, providing the necessary support for national defence needs, thus strengthening the comprehensive national defence system in Latvia.

Allied troops from the USA, Denmark, Estonia, and Lithuania will also participate in the exercise. The exercise will also involve the NATO's enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia, the NATO Force Integration Unit Latvia, and Task Force Latvia. The exercise will be supported by the Joint Expeditionary Force. This year, for the first time, the exercise is being organised in cooperation with the NATO Multinational Division North Headquarters. The annual exercise "Silver Arrow", organised by the Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Land Forces, will take place as part of the comprehensive national defence exercise Namejs 2023.
A total of around 8500 participants will take part in the defence exercise.

In response to changing security challenges, Latvia's national defence system must be comprehensive and based on the crisis preparedness of society and state institutions as a whole, as well as resilience to external influences. A comprehensive national defence system includes not only national defence or public administration institutions, but also private sector actors, businesses, non-governmental organisations, citizens, and others. The aim of a comprehensive national defence system is to facilitate the establishment of a system of planning, coordination and partnership between public institutions, the private sector, non-governmental organisations and citizens in the performance of nationally important functions. The practical objective of a comprehensive national defence system is to define specific tasks and roles for each public institution in national defence.

The Namejs training is pre-planned and has been running across Latvia since 2014. Regular military exercises play an important role in maintaining and strengthening the combat capabilities of the National Armed Forces, which must always be at a consistently high level, so that they are always ready to respond in time to potential threats and guarantee Latvia's security. Strengthening cooperation with state and local authorities, as well as with business entities in various sectors, and involving them in exercises, in turn, strengthens the national defence system in Latvia.

Attention residents!

During the autumn period, intensive exercises will take place all over Latvia, during which Latvian and allied soldiers and military equipment will be moving along the main and regional roads of Latvia. During the exercise, military aircraft will fly in Latvian airspace, including at low altitudes, as well as conduct live-fire exercises at training ranges.

Please follow the latest information on the exercise in the Latvian regions on the National Armed Forces' social media accounts, as well as on the National Armed Forces' website.

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