Defence sector leadership conveys its deepest condolences to Albania

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Press division

One Albanian soldier was killed and two were injured in an accident today, at 9:13a.m., while conducting a military exercise at the Camp Ādaži.

Defence Minister Artis Pabriks has reached out to Olta Xhaçka, Defence Minister of Albania, and conveyed his deepest sympathy. He also wished speedy recovery to both injured Albanian servicemen who are still being treated in a hospital.

“On behalf of all the Latvian people, an myself, I would like to convey our deepest condolences to the Defence Minister, relatives of the deceased and the whole nation of Albania on today's accident, which resulted in the death of the Albanian soldier,” underlined Minister Pabriks. “I wish smooth and speedy recovery to soldiers who are still in treatment in one of the Latvian hospitals. I will personally oversee the investigation to exclude any possibility of similar accidents in future”.

Lieutenant General Leonīds Kalniņš, Chief of the Defence Staff of Latvian Armed Forces, has reached out to Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku, Chief of the Defence Staff of Albanian Armed Forces, and expressed condolences to the family of the deceased and the Albanian army.

“National Armed Forces are deeply saddened by what happened. We are grieving together with the family about the terrible death. Our thoughts go out to our Allies. On behalf of the Latvian army, I would like to wish a swift recovery to both hospitalised troops. We will provide all necessary help to the relatives of the soldiers and our Allies,” said Lt Gen Kalniņš.

Canada-led multi-national battle group Latvia, which is comprised of 1,400 troops from Albania, Czech Republic, Italy, Canada, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain, is permanently deployed to Latvia on rotational basis to conduct regular joint exercise with the National Armed Forces of Latvia. Joint training is aimed at increased interoperability with allied forces stationed in the region and enhanced readiness to respond to possible security threat.

Currently, there are about 20 Albanian explosives ordinance engineers serving in Latvia.

NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia (NATO eFP BG Latvia) was formed and deployed to Latvia in scope of NATO Deterrence Policy. It also contributes to the defence of the Alliance and serves as the demonstration of the solidarity of allied forces, as well as its commitment to defend the member countries against all types of aggression. 

NATO eFP BG was officially welcomed to Latvia (Camp Ādaži) on 19 June 2017.