Eastern border counter-mobility plan approved by Latvia, EUR 303 million to be invested in strengthening of border

03/06/2024 - 11:34
In Latvia
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On Tuesday, 5 March, Cabinet of Ministers approved border fortification and counter-mobility plan for eastern border. 

Eastern Border Fortification and Counter-mobility Plan is part of the Baltic Defence Line initiative, which covers the whole length of border with Russia and Belarus. National Armed Forces intend to create defence force support outposts – defence posts with reinforced structures and fortification for troops with various obstacle lines, anti-tank trenches, ammunition and mine storages. 

According to defence plans, reinforcement of eastern border will restart in March of this year, and total investment into strengthening of the defence on eastern border will reach 303 million euro over the next five years. 

To prevent enemy movement,  Latvia will reconstruct the existing roads to make border more secure by adding anti-tank trenches, whereas border area drainage ditches will be converted into anti-tank tranches later on. 

Obstacle lines of different types will be installed. For example, anti-tank trenches will be reinforced with concrete blocks and structures, such as the so-called dragon’s teeth and anti-tank mines. Obstacle lines will be adjusted to the terrain, making full use of natural obstacles such as swamps, forest patches and other natural obstructions. 

 Border area will also be equipped with specially designated and safe storages for explosives, mines and engineering equipment that can be quickly dispatched to reinforce defence line. Latvia will also develop plans detailing how to prepare for immediate and effective closing of main transport routes, such as roads, railway lines and bridges, to prevent enemy from advancing. 

As reported earlier, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian defence ministers approved the Baltic Defence Line initiative during trilateral meeting in January. It will strengthen the defence of eastern border of the Baltic countries and NATO. Closely coordinated construction of the Defence line will be separately funded by each participating country. 

Baltic Defence Line will significantly enhance military defence infrastructure and capabilities of Baltic countries, preventing Russia from any potential swift military attacks. This initiative is in line with NATO’s defence plans.

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