Headquarters Multinational Division North has reached full combat readiness

07/07/2023 - 16:24
In Latvia
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On Friday, 7 July, Defence Minister Ināra Mūrniece, acting Danish Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen and General Major Flemming Mathiasen, Commander of the Headquarters Multinational Division North, located at Camp Ādaži, hosted a ceremony to celebrate Headquarters Multinational Division North reaching its full combat readiness.

In her address, Defence Minister Mūrniece told everyone gathered for the ceremony that Latvia and Denmark have traditionally been close allies bound by shared values, such as democracy, common security concerns and similar perception of key threats. ‘Denmark has demonstrated particular concern and interest in stronger security for the Baltic States. Establishment and development of Headquarters Multinational Division North, with Latvia and Denmark as framework countries, is a prime example of such cooperation. Today we declare Headquarters Multinational Division North fully combat ready. It means that Headquarters North is now able to plan and execute military manoeuvres in Latvia on its own. This will bring Headquarters Multinational Division North to a new level, bringing it closer to the future goal of reaching the size of a combat-capable division in Latvia. It is a practical contribution to implementation of NATO Madrid Summit decisions, complementing the plans to create NATO brigade, which is supported by all allies in scope of the sustained effort to build stronger collective defence,’ Minister Mūrniece said.

‘One of the preconditions for further development of the division was full operational capability, which has now been reached. Hard work and professional skills of soldiers serving in this division has led us to the remarkable achievement we mark today. Our operational capabilities complement and strengthen the Alliance and our achievements are a proof of that,’ General Major Flemming Mathiasen, Commander of the Headquarters Multinational Division North, said during the ceremony.

Prior to the ceremony, Latvian and Danish defence ministers signed a joint declaration regarding further development of Headquarters Multinational Division North and steps towards stronger bilateral cooperation between Latvia and Denmark, which details future priorities of Latvian-Danish defence cooperation.

‘Latvia and Denmark have common vision about practical dimensions of future cooperation, which should strengthen Latvia’s security and defence. Denmark will continue to provide presence of its troops in Latvia and investments into our military infrastructure, whereas Latvia will ensure all necessary host country support, including the new Selonia Training Area, which is currently under development and will serve as the training grounds and location for military exercise between allied forces deployed to Latvia to enhance their combat readiness. Denmark and Latvia will also continue to upgrade Headquarters North as combat-capable unit, integrating other allied units and capabilities,’ Defence Minister Ināra Mūrniece said after the signing of the Declaration.

As reported earlier, acting Danish Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen arrived in Latvia with a working visit on Friday, 7 July. Visit took place shortly before the NATO Summit in Vilnius. During the bilateral meeting, defence ministers of Latvia and Denmark discussed support for Ukraine, Alliance’s deterrence and defence posture and its realignment with current regional security environment to ensure stronger security on NATO’s eastern flank.

Background information:

By reaching full combat readiness, Headquarters Multinational Division North has met all relevant requirements to be able to provide full situational awareness about regional security, plan and execute military operations, command units, organise and deliver military exercise and other activities, as well as contributing to attainment of other national and collective defence goals that contribute to enhanced interoperability of participating countries and ability to engage in joint defence tasks defined in the North Atlantic Treaty. 

Headquarters Multinational Division North was inaugurated in 2019. Located in Camp Ādaži, its aim is to boost the defence of Baltic States and strengthen NATO’s common defence and deterrence posture. It is an efficient, military capable unit – headquarters of joint command and control for the Baltic region.

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