Inauguration of Headquarters Multinational Division North in Camp Ādaži

03/07/2019 - 08:28
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On Friday, 8 March,  Artis Pabriks, Defence Minister of Latvia, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Defence Minister of Denmark, and Jüri Luik, Defence Minister of Estonia, will officially inaugurate the Headquarters Multinational Division North (HQ MND N) located in Camp Ādaži.

Ceremony will also be attended by Major General Flemming Mathiasen, Commander of Headquarters Multinational Division North, and Rear Admiral Frank Trojahn, Chairman of the Headquarters Multinational Division North Steering committee.

“Establishment of Headquarters Multinational Division North will be a major step towards stronger defence of Latvia and the entire region. We are proud to be the host country for the headquarters,” said Defence Minister Pabriks.

The mission of HQ MND N is to enhance the defence capabilities of Baltic states, as well as contribute to NATO's collective deterrence and defence efforts through the command element based in the Baltics. HQ is tasked with defence planning, military training, planning and coordination of common projects. It will promote the compatibility of forces from participating countries and their interoperability in scope of common defence initiatives.

The headquarters of Multinational Division North will be an efficient and combat-capable command unit, which will ensure joint command over division-size units, including units of the headquarters' framework nations and NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) battle groups currently deployed in the Baltic states. Division command will initially be comprised of officers from all participating countries – Denmark, Latvia and Estonia. Headquarters may be expanded with officers of other interested framework countries.

Latvia is contributing military officers and administrative personnel to the headquarters, as well as the necessary infrastructure of the Ādaži military base.

Hosting of MNDN HQ will ensure stronger national defence of Latvia. It also confirms Latvia's commitment and readiness to get more actively engaged in the strengthening of collective defence and assurance of more efficient military response of NATO in scope of its long-term aspirations for greater readiness and capacity to defend its member states.

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