National Armed Forces prepare for "Namejs 2021" military exercise

09/07/2021 - 12:42
In Latvia
Military exercise
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Ministry of Defence will conduct National Armed Force military exercise "Namejs 2021" from 30 August to 3 October throughout Latvia. It is designed to test and improve unit-level individual and collective national defence capabilities within common defence framework.

"Namejs 2021" military exercise  will simulate integration with Land Force Mechanised Infantry Brigade Silver Arrow drill and several other tactical field exercises implemented by combat and command units of the National Armed Forces in scope of hybrid threat management training.

The purpose of the "Namejs 2021" military exercise is to assess and upgrade command and control framework of the National Armed Forces (NAF), boost unit interoperability, test and improve supply systems, evaluate and enhance integration of air and ground operations, and practice and analyse tactical response to hybrid and conventional warfare.

Other partners taking part in the training include Ministry of Interior, paramedics, local governments and private companies. This is necessary for ensuring that comprehensive national defence system runs efficiently.  
Training is divided in two phases: late August-middle September phase will focus on response to hybrid threats and late September phase will concentrate on conventional warfare.

"Namejs 2021" military exercise is a joint military training for  Latvian and allied forces, National Guard and reserve force, i.e., also Latvian citizens who are undergoing reserve training, staff of the Ministry of Defence and personnel of agencies and bodies subordinated to the Ministry of Interior: State Police, Border Force, State Fire and Rescue Service and Prison Service.

The total number of participating troops and experts ranges around 9,300. Active military training will be conducted at Camp Ādaži and regional training facilities, as well as Riga and its agglomeration, Jelgava, Kuldīga, Dobele, Ventspils, Aizkraukle, Jēkabpils, Preiļi, Daugavpils, Rēzekne and other cities. Military vehicles and personnel may be moving all over Latvia during the combat phase of exercise.

Combat drills will take place in previously reserved areas authorized by their owners such as state or local authorities and legal or private entities.

Public warning

As National Armed Forces continue to implement active military training throughout August, September and October, military vehicles of Latvian army and allied forces will be using the collective roads, while planes and helicopters will use national air space.

On behalf of National Armed Forces, we ask you to be patient and understanding towards any temporary traffic disruptions that may occur due to intense movement of military vehicles along collective roads. Military vehicles will be accompanied by Military Police and Deployment Coordination Centre. When you see an approaching line of military vehicles, please remain calm and follow the traffic rules, for example, do not try to overtake the military transport.

If you see troops and National Guard soldiers moving outside military training grounds and deployment locations, or witness deployment and positioning of special equipment or other military items anywhere in Latvia, please remain calm.
Training outside dedicated facilities will not utilise combat ammunition and will only use combat-like noise effects that cause no harm to human health or well-being. However, if you find an unidentified object at a training site, please do not touch or move it.

Military aircrafts crossing the Latvian air space are required to fully comply with national altitude and speed restrictions. Any noise resulting from such movement is temporary and will not cause any harm either to human well-being or property.

All current public information about National Armed Force and allied force activities will be available on Twitter account of NAF @Latvijas_armija, Facebook page @Latvijasarmija and social media accounts of regular force and National Guard units.


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