National armed forces suspend military training, combat capabilities will not be affected

03/18/2020 - 16:40
In Latvia
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Following the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers to declare the state of emergency since 12 March, leadership of the defence sector has adopted COVID-19 Response Guidelines for National Armed Forces and government bodies under supervision of Ministry of Defence.

‘We are taking all necessary safety measures to prevent virus from further spreading, we want to protect our soldiers and our allied troops from contracting virus in the next weeks. The main task of our armed forces is to be ready for combat and our military have to continue to provide defence even in a state of emergency,’ stressed the Defence Minister Artis Pabriks.

To prevent the possible spreading of COVID-19 among soldiers of Latvian army and allied forces, National Armed Forces are suspending all kinds of training and events that are not crucial for maintaining combat capabilities and fulfilment of international obligations. Temporary ban will come to force on 14 March and will be lifted upon special decision.

Ban which starts on 14 March also applies to all kinds of National Guard battalion-level training activities. National Guard Training Centre will also be closed.

Allied troops deployed to Latvia on rotational basis for military service are not allowed to leave the country.
State of emergency declared by Latvia also implies that Youth Guard are suspending all training and lectures (national defence education) for Youth Guard members and pupils until 14 March. 

Defence sector leadership has decided to close the Latvian War Museum to visitors until 14 April.

National Armed Force Sports Centre Pool at 9 Krustbaznīcas Street, Riga, will also be closed until further notice. Pool membership will automatically be extended for the period of current ban.

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