National Armed Forces will buy unmanned aircraft systems manufactured by Latvian company UAV Factory

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In December, Ministry of Defence and Latvian company UAV Factory signed an agreement for delivery and maintenance of UAV Factory’s unmanned aircraft systems to further strengthen the combat capabilities of the National Armed Forces.

‘I am pleased about the successful cooperation with Latvian company UAV Factory, which enables us to supply the necessary drones to the National Armed Forces. We are strengthening cooperation with local defence industry players to promote supply security, and it will also be a major contribution to national economy,’ underlined Defence Minister Artis Pabriks.

Unmanned aircraft systems delivered to the Latvian army will also be used in search, rescue and other similar civilian operations.

Last year UAV FACTORY and National Armed Forces signed the agreement for delivery of drones for testing. Tests showed that unmanned aircraft systems are suitable for military application by National Armed Forces.

Test results allowed to determine the adjustments, improvements and updates in the next batch of drones that will be delivered to National Armed Forces in the second half of 2020. According to the agreement, systems that have already been delivered will also be upgraded.

Prior to signing the initial agreement in 2018, National Armed Forces evaluated proposed technologies during its training and series of field tests. National Armed Forces also compared the technical characteristics and estimated procurement, maintenance and further upgrading costs with similar products available in other global markets. Drones manufactured by UAV Factory match the key requirements of the National Armed Force Drone Integration Guidelines.

UAV Factory was established in 2009 and has sales offices in Latvia and the US. UAV Factory is one of the leading unmanned aircraft suppliers in the world. Unmanned aerial vehicles and cameras manufactured by the company are sold to different military, civil and higher learning institutions in more than 50 countries of the world.