Pabriks: procurement of additional AT4 antitank weapons will promote Latvia’s deterrence capabilities for prevention of any sudden attack by potential enemies

12/03/2019 - 10:55
In Latvia
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National Armed Forces have procured another batch of AT4 antitank weapons produced by the Swedish company  ‘Saab Dynamics AB‘ to improve Land Force antitank capabilities.

According to the cooperation agreement signed between the National Armed Forces and Swedish company ‘Saab Dynamics AB‘ in 2017, Latvia will receive AT4 antitank units in 2021. 

‘By adding these antitank weapons to the arsenal of Latvian Army in scope of Latvia-Sweden military cooperation, we are sending a strong signal to potential aggressors – we can successfully destroy a significant number of your tanks. Thus, we are also strengthening the deterrence capabilities of the whole Baltic region,’ underlined Defence Minister Artis Pabriks. 

AT4 is a light, 84-mm single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon already used by Latvian army during training designed to promote combat capabilities required to engage with enemy armoured and other vehicles, and fortifications. 

Cooperation agreement between the National Armed Forces and Swedish company ‘Saab Dynamics AB‘ was signed on 30 October 2017. 7-year contract envisages supply of spare parts and components of AT4 grenade launchers and Carl Gustaf antitank weapons to Latvia.

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