Putin's announcement on partial mobilisation does not raise the level of military threat in Latvia

09/22/2022 - 17:28
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The Ministry of Defence informs that despite the announcement made by the Russian President Vladimir Putin on partial mobilisation in Russia, the level of military threat in Latvia remains low.

"Putin cannot accept the failures of his own plan to occupy Ukraine and the battle field, so he is ready to escalate the situation with conventional threats, nuclear blackmail and other elements. Latvia is working closely with its NATO allies in a continuous monitoring and assessment of the situation," underlined Defence Minister Artis Pabriks.

The Ministry of Defence reminds that the autumn phase of the annual military exercise "Namejs 2022" is taking place across Latvia from 5 September to 9 October, and the Armed Forces are on high combat readiness.

Soldiers and National Guardsmen from all units of the National Armed Forces, reserve soldiers and Latvian citizens taking part in the reservist military training course, as well as soldiers from NATO allied countries participate in the autumn stage of the military training cycle "Namejs 2022".

"Putin's statement today should also be discussed at the level of NATO leaders. The Western community must stay on course and show unity in providing all forms of support to Ukraine, both with arms and other assistance. Similarly, the entire democratic world must tell Russia directly and unequivocally that no fake referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine will change our attitude towards this unjust war. I call on the entire Western community to resist to Russia's nuclear blackmail," Pabriks stressed.

As reported, seven months ago, on 24 February, Russia launched a large-scale attack on Ukraine. The Ministry of Defence condemns the war launched by Russia against Ukraine, the aim of which is to take over a part or entire Ukrainian territory, destroy its sovereignty and establish an administration loyal to Russia in the occupied territories. This brutal war has resulted not only in the deaths of Ukrainian soldiers, but also of civilians, including children.

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