Riga hosts NATO exercise for senior and flag officers

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From September 9 until 21, the Latvian Defence Academy is hosting NATO exercise “Steadfast Pyramid 2018” and “Steadfast Pinnacle 2018” in Riga. This exercise will be attended by 58 senior and flag officers from NATO Member States and Finland, which is one of the NATO partner countries.

The goal of “Steadfast Pyramid” and “Steadfast Pinnacle” is to boost senior and flag officers` ability to plan and lead joint operations. Training is based on Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive, one of the fundamental joint operations planning frameworks of the Alliance.

“Steadfast Pyramid 2018” is the first session of the exercise, which will last until September 14, led by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe and the Allied Command Transformation. “Steadfast Pinnacle 2018” is the second session of the exercise. It will be conducted from September 17 until 21 and will mainly focus on the commanders’ engagement during operations.

Exercise is designed to enhance the operational planning, decision-making and implementing skills of top-level officers and commanders.

A hypothetical used during the training will be a simulation of collective defence operation.

The first exercise “Steadfast Pyramid” and “Steadfast Pinnacle” in Latvia was conducted in 2011. By hosting the exercise, Latvia, as the host nation, will be able to develop its operational capabilities, and improve the cooperation with other NATO Member States and strategic partners in the region.

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