Riga will host NATO Operations Planning Exercises for Senior Officers and Commanders

09/07/2021 - 15:40
In Latvia
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Ministry of Defence will host the NATO operations planning exercises „Steadfast Pyramid 2021” and „Steadfast Pinnacle 2021”. Training, which will end on 17 September, will be attended by senior officers and commanders of NATO member states and partner countries (Finland and Sweden).

„Steadfast Pyramid” and „Steadfast Pinnacle” will further develop joint operations planning and command skills of senior and top officers and commanders. Exercise is built around a scenario reflecting current security challenges and involves collective defence response to hybrid threats.

“Steadfast Pyramid 2021”, which will end on 10 September, is the initial phase of NATO's Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and Allied Command Transformation exercise. It is designed to improve senior officers and commanders’ command planning skills.

The second phase of the training, „Steadfast Pinnacle 2021”, will be conducted between 12-17 September and will focus on senior commanders’ operations planning skills.

Latvia has been hosting “Steadfast Pyramid” and “Steadfast Pinnacle” exercise since 2011. Training also allows Latvia, as a host nation, upgrade its support capabilities and improve cooperation with other NATO members states and strategic regional partners.


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