Russia violates Latvia’s airspace

11/07/2023 - 19:48
In Latvia
Defence policy
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On Monday, 6 November, Air Force radar of the National Armed Forces (NAF) detected an infringement of Latvia’s airspace near the Latvian-Russian border by a Russian aircraft. After unauthorised entry into Latvia’s airspace, aircraft returned to the Russian side.

NAF responded to the infringement by taking necessary actions to prevent any further threats to the national security of Latvia. Intelligence data was also shared with NATO.

Ministry of Defence has also notified Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will initiate diplomatic response. Chargé d'Affaires ad interim of the Russian Embassy in Riga was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive the note of protest regarding the incident.  

Given the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine,  Ministry of Defence continues close surveillance of land, air and sea border of Latvia. Allied forces of NATO also continue to monitor Latvia’s airspace in scope of the rotational Baltic air-policing mission.

Secure external border of the EU and NATO is Latvia’s obligation. NAF air surveillance systems have the capability to detect airspace violations in real time and notifications are immediately sent to NATO for coordination of further actions.

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