Combat engineer capability development project

The aim of the project is to create a complex combat engineer capability development and integration in order to increase the mobility, anti-mobility, general support, survival and capability development goals of the National Armed Forces and the National Guard. The project implementation period is from 2018 to 2027.

In the field of anti-mobility, mining capabilities, blasting capabilities will be developed, as well as the capabilities of units to build non-explosive barriers. In the field of mobility, the ability to overcome various land and water obstacles will be developed, thus ensuring the independence of the National Armed Forces' units from civil infrastructure objects (bridges, overpasses). As a result, all military operations will be diverted as far as possible from civilian facilities in order to reduce the risk to the public and the non-conflict population. In the field of general engineering support, it is planned to develop the capabilities of the National Armed Forces' military engineering units to promote the protection of their own and allied forces by building various fortifications, setting up camps and assembly points, and cleaning routes and access roads. These capabilities play a key role in the entry of NATO Allied forces into Latvia for collective defence activities.