Indirect fire support system development project

The aim of the project is to ensure the development and implementation of the indirect fire support capability of the National Armed Forces in order to increase the mobility, counter-mobility, general fire support and survival capabilities of the regular units of the National Armed Forces. The project is planned to be finished by 2027.

The project envisages the purchasing self-propelled artillery and mortar weapon systems together with the development of several key elements of capabilities, incl. staff, infrastructure and equipment.The capability implementation process began in 2015 and in 2017 a bilateral agreement was signed between the Latvian Ministry of Defence and the Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports on the purchase of M109A5Oe self-propelled howitzers (including fire and training platform) and mortar systems, as well as training courses.

currently, the work is aimed at acquiring the necessary equipment to establish a capability as a comprehensive system that could effectively provide combat support to National Armed Forces units on the battlefield in cooperation with other NATO forces. It will be served by additional weapon systems purchased, as well as communications and targeting tools, and ammunition stockpiles, together with investment in resources to improve the professional skills of personnel.

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