Light infantry subdivision battlegroup project

In the National Guard battalions formed in 2015, a formation of enhanced readiness units have been launched. The enhanced readiness units are composed from the most experienced and active members of the National Guard, who are spending more time in military training compared to other national guardsmen.

In 2018, the first stage of development of enhanced readiness units was completed within the framework of which the battalions performed test exercises for command-sized units, while in the next stage, the battalions must develop units of company size. The establishment of such units requires special equipment and qualified specialists, therefore their provision is one of the priorities of the National Guard in the coming years.

In the framework of the 2022 military training “Namejs 2022”, the performance of the tasks identified in the interim will be evaluated.

Taking into account the development plan of the National Armed Forces (NAF), as well as the state defence situation, changes in the structure of the NAF, the requirements specified by the MTL, the internal regulatory documents of the NAF and the decisions taken - the Ministry of Defence will continue to work on the development of the capabilities of the light infantry in order to provide national guardsmen with adequate individual and collective equipment (various types and calibers, means of communication, ammunition, observation and fire control equipment, etc.).

The National Guard is the largest structure of the National Armed Forces and forms the basis of Latvia's territorial defence. The National Guard enables the citizens of the Republic of Latvia to volunteer and serve their country by taking care of its security and protection. The National Guard is a challenge for everyone to improve themselves, gain new knowledge, spend their free time in an organized and meaningful way, meet new friends and like-minded people, promote the growth of their self-confidence by working together in Latvia and abroad.