Social unity and psychological resilience

To ensure the psychological resilience of Latvian society, consideration should be given to the resilience of Latvian residents to the negative information campaigns and psychological operations against the state, the state of general affairs in the country, individual events, etc.

The information environment and events are of great importance in spreading an unified message about the Latvia's future and common goals. For example, on the day of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia on November 18, the military parade is an event uniting the society. It reminds that Latvia can be fought and protected only by the whole nation.

Psychological protection is enhanced by a unified society. It is able to reduce the possibility of internal conflicts within the country. A society united by an idea of belonging to its own country rather than to a particular ethnic group is able to refrain from provocations and focus more on the protection of the whole country without allowing  confrontation between different nationalities. The spiritual unity of a nation can be a decisive factor in determining the outcome of a war and the readiness of a nation to meet various challenges.

The civic activity of the Latvian population is also important. It is a precondition for public participation in the country's political and social processes. Civic activity means greater citizen interest regarding the processes taking place in the country, as well as taking responsibility in case of unsuccessful development of various processes.

In times of crisis and war, the role of individual public institutions such as the church has a great importance regarding the psychological resilience of the population to address and overcome various difficulties and challenges.