Supervisory Committee of Digital Security

The committee is a collegial supervisory institution subordinate to the Minister of Defence. Its purpose is to supervise and register Qualified or Qualified Increased Security Electronic Identification Service providers as well as their services in the Qualified Electronic Identification Service Provider registry.

The committee undertakes functions and tasks of a supervisory institution as outlined in the Law on Electronic Identification of Natural Persons. It also notifies the European Commission on electronic identification schemes, prepares proposals on normative act projects regarding the supervision of a Qualified and Qualified Increased Security Service provider, and its services. Within its competency, the committee provides proposals for both state and local government institutions.

The committee consists of State Secretaries from the Defence, Transport, Justice, Interior and Environment Protection and Regional Development ministries, Director of the Data State Inspectorate, Director of the “Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution” at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia and Director of the committee’s secretariat. The committee’s sessions are closed from public.

Address: K.Valdemāra iela 10/12, Rīga, LV-1473, Latvija

Fax: (+371) 6 7212307