State Defence Corporation

State Defence Corporation, LLC (SDC) (SIA “Valsts aizsardzības korporācija”) is a limited liability company whose aim is to support long-term development of national military industry in Latvia.

Strategic mission of SDC is to manage state defence industry investments and coordinate the development of Latvia’s military production policies vital for the growth of national military industry and sustainability of supply chains.

SDC is structured as a holding company responsible to:

  • provide integrated management of state defence industry investments and coordination of military production policies;

  • implement and support implementation of European Union’s financial instruments through national and cross-border level cooperation, including equity investments into existing local military manufacturers that need capital injection to boost their production capacity;

  • acquire interest in other commercial entities to ensure stockpiling of critical assets required to create, maintain and replenish the necessary reserves defined by the Ministry of Defence;

  • provide indirect support to manufacturers/developers who create and integrate critical defence products, their parts and technologies.

State Defence Corporation is part of Latvia’s military ecosystem. It is fully owned by the Ministry of Defence.

State Defence Corporation, LLC (SIA “Valsts aizsardzības korporācija”) is currently led by interim board member Ingrīda Ķirse.

Cabinet of Ministers approved the establishment of State Defence Corporation, LLC (SIA “Valsts aizsardzības korporācija”) on 21 November 2023. Company was registered on 29 November 2023. Its registered capital is EUR 500,000.


State Defence Corporation, LLC informs that on February 8, 2024 at 16.00 at the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia (Kr. Valdemāra street 10/12, Riga) an extraordinary meeting of the members of State Defence Corporation, LLC will be convened to consider the question of approval of the Letter of Expectations of the Member.



National Defence Corporation to be established to promote Latvia’s military industry

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