State Defence Service

State defence service gives population access to knowledge and understanding about national defence. It also enhances individual skills and ability to contribute to better national defence on individual level.

According to State Defence Service bill, all Latvian nationals – men aged 18 and full-aged men who have not completed their primary or secondary education – shall be drafted within 12 months of reaching the age of 18 or graduation in the case of those still in education system until the age of 24. Law also allows female Latvian nationals aged 18-27 to voluntarily choose state defence service.

Second round of voluntary state defence service enlistment was open until 21 July 2023. By the end of the day on 21 July 2023 a total of 236 residents of Latvia have applied voluntarily, therefore a decision was adopted that in August 2023 the recruitment through the random selection will not be carried out.

National Armed Forces 11-month training is one of the types of state defence service. 600 young people, 120 in January and 480 in July, will be enlisted in 2024. From January 2024, young people will start their 11-month state defence service  in one of three locations: National Armed Force Staff Headquarters in Riga, Air Force Air Defence Division in Lielvārde and 25th National Guard Combat Support Battalion in Stāmeriena, Gulbene region. Conscripts enlisting voluntarily will have the option to choose where they serve by selecting the preferred location in draft form.

Up to 200 young people volunteering for state defence service will have an option to do their service in the National Guard for the total duration of training of 5 years, with 28 training days a year. Up to 50 of these state defence service conscripts will join one of four National Guard units – Riga Brigade 1, Vidzeme Brigade 2, Latgale Brigade 3 and Kurzeme Brigade 4. Conscripts will be offered a location near their home as much as possible. Up to 50 young people, students of Latvian universities, who will volunteer for the state defence service, will have an option to do a 5-year long state defence service reserve force officer training.

The electronic application form is available here. You can contact also by sending e-mail to or calling phone number 1827. National Armed Force Recruitment and Selection Centre location is at Krustabaznīcas iela 9, Riga.

Saeima (Parliament of Latvia) adopted the State Defence Service Law on 5 April 2023.

Benefits of the State Defence Service