NATO procurements

Application arrangements for participation in NATO international procurement contests

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) procurements are ordered to meet the needs and procurement of all types of armed forces for NATO international operations and to implement projects funded under the NATO Security Investment Programme. NATO procurement is carried out by both NATO member states individually, NATO agencies and NATO entities. These are large-spectrum procurements involving not only the construction of infrastructure facilities but also information and communication technologies, as well as the provision of different services.

Unlike national procurements, the NATO procurement operator shall first declare its intention to issue a Notification of Intent (NOI) to Invite Bids), setting a deadline by which all NATO member states must declare merchants who have an interest in being invited to participate in NATO procurement.

If a company registered in Latvia is interested in participating in a announced NATO procurement, it is necessary to fill in the following documents, which must be addressed to the Security and Defence Investment Policy Department of the Ministry of Defence and sent electronically to the e-mail address:

1. an application that refers to the name, legal and factual address of the merchant, the name, surname and position of the merchant's contact person and provides a brief description of the past experience of the merchant regarding the provision of equivalent services or the supply of goods in accordance with the requirements of the announced NATO procurement (the form is to be found under “Related Documents”);

2. a copy of an industrial security certificate, if the NATO procurement documents contain an indication that the merchant will be required to use official secrets objects in his work, the classified information of foreign or international organisations and their institutions.

3. a copy of the Notification of Intent (NOI) to Invite Bids and their attachments.

The Ministry of Defence draws the attention of merchants that it is not necessary to submit further inquiries from the State Revenue Service and the Enterprise Register, as such information is publicly available.

In order for a merchant to participate successfully in a NATO procurement, it must comply technically, financially and professionally with the requirements of the announced NATO procurement. The Ministry of Defence shall ensure the notification of qualified Latvian merchants to participate in NATO procurement by submitting a declaration of conformity to the NATO procurement organizer, in accordance with the 1996 Procedures of the NATO Infrastructure Committee regarding international procurement AC/4D/2261 (1996). The merchant will receive further information regarding the submission of the offer, procurement documents and other indications separately from the NATO procurement operator.

At the same time the Ministry of Defence calls on the Latvian merchants to make more extensive use of free opportunities to place information on their commercial activities and to follow up with information on planned purchases on the following websites of NATO agencies and bodies:

1. NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) - It is possible for a merchant to register in THE NSPA database in order to further receive information on procurements organised BY NSPA -

2. NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA) in the field of communications and information technologies -

3. NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP). NSIP aims to ensure the development of NATO's military capabilities in line with the military requirements of NATO Strategic Command. NSIP supports investment in two types of capacity blocks – infrastructure development and command management, communications, IT technologies. Since NSIP funding is received by both Member States and NATO agencies, information on procurement can be sought both on the home pages of both NATO agencies and on the home pages of the Defence Procurement Agencies of NATO Member States.

4. Planned NATO HQ procurements -