Benefits, retirement pensions and health care for retired soldiers

The right to receive financial benefit in the event of injury, mutilation or other injury to a soldier:

  • soldier, who during active military service, while fulfilling service duties has received damage to health, but who has not been diagnosed with a disability;
  • soldier, who during active military service or in a year's time after retirement from active military service, has been diagnosed with a disability and the cause of it is connected with soldier's active service;
  • soldier, who has fallen ill in the course of military service and has been declared unfit for further service after treatment and has therefore been dismissed prematurely;
  • to the spouse and descendants of a deceased active soldier, but in the absence thereof, to relatives.

A retired military person, who fulfills the conditions referred to in Section 2 of the Military Service Pension Law is entitled to receive a service pension.

Retired soldiers who are entitled to receive paid health care in accordance with Section 59, Paragraph 2 of the Military Service Law have the right to receive paid health care.