Defence budget

According to the Law on the State Budget for 2022 that came into force on 1 January 2022, the defence sector is expected to allocate not less than 2% of gross domestic product - EUR 758.35 million.

• The 2022 budget is divided in the following way: 32% investments, 30% maintenance, 38% personnel.

• The largest investment portion of 2022 budget has been allocated for capacity (supply) development, capabilities of indirect fire support , medium infantry capabilities, light infantry capabilities, tactical air transportation capabilities, command management capabilities, capabilities of battle engineers, capabilities of special tasks, as well as the support capabilities of the receiving State.

• The funding for the Youth Guard and the implementation of the National Defense Exercise in 2022 is 8.67 million euros.

•  In 2022, 10 million euro funding has been allocated to the Government's priority measure “Latvia's military and defense industries, which form local production, incl. by attracting science and research, development projects ”.

• The defense budget for 2023 is planned to be 747.71 million euros. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers to envisage not less than 2% of GDP for defense starting from 2018 - the defense budget for 2023 is planned in the amount of 2.07% of GDP.