NATO structure

The most important members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are its 32 member states.

NATO Delegations:

  • Nuclear Planning Group has the same powers as the North Atlantic Council.
  • The North Atlantic Council is NATO's main political decision-making body. Each Member State has a seat in the Council.The Council meets at various levels at least once a week or as required. It is chaired by the Secretary-General, who assists the participants in reaching agreement on key issues.
  • Subordinate committees of NATO is a network of committees that deal with all matters on its agenda, from political to predominantly technical. Representatives and experts from all NATO countries meet regularly in these committees.

Military representatives

  • Military Committee is where the implementation of political decisions has military implications, the main actors are: the Military Committee, made up of the heads of forces of NATO member states; International Military Staff, Executive Committee of the Military Committee; a military command structure consisting of an Allied Command Operations and an Allied Command Transformation.
  • Allied Command Operations (ACO)
  • Allied Command Transformation (ACT)


NATO structure