The Defence Minister Outlines the Main Work Priorities - Strengthening of Latvia's Military Combat Capabilities and Unwavering Support for Ukraine

09/15/2023 - 00:12
In Latvia
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The current geopolitical situation requires clear awareness of potential security threats in the region. Currently, the main priority is strengthening of Latvia's external security and its military combat capabilities.

"My values will always be clear – an independent, safe, developed, and society-focused Latvia within a strong Euro-Atlantic community. I will prove my patriotism to Latvia not only in words but also in actions in my role as the defence minister," states Andris Spruds after being confirmed in office.

Strengthening of Latvia’ s military combat capabilities

Active and high-quality development of new military combat capabilities is one of the top priorities in the coming years, ensuring development of coastal defence, air defence, and long-range missile artillery. Additionally, the improvements in the defence industry in Latvia will be continued. Simultaneously, a smart defence system will be created, devoting special attention to the establishment of technologically advanced units within the National Armed Forces and addressing cybersecurity issues.

"Active work within NATO will continue, not only increasing the number of Allied troops in Latvia but also continuing to work together to strengthen NATO's Eastern flank, improve air defence, and develop the Adazi Training Area. At the same time, we remain steadfast in our role as leaders in providing various forms of assistance to Ukraine," explains Defence Minister A. Spruds.

To move towards comprehensive national defence, several prerequisites need to be fulfilled. The work to establish a high-quality national defence service must be purposeful, aiming at a significant increase in the personnel of the National Armed Forces (NAF), which is a critical need in the coming years. Additionally, we have made a commitment to introduce national defence training, which should help strengthen the overall readiness of the society for national defence.

"All of these processes must take place in very close cooperation with the public. We need an informed society that knows how to act in crisis situations. I am aware that this is a question that needs to be addressed in coordination with the interior sector, ensuring strengthening of all areas of civilian defence," explains Defence Minister A. Spruds.

The improvement of the procurement system in the defence sector

The organization and improvement of the procurement system in the defence sector has been a particularly topical issue in the past year. A. Spruds emphasizes the need to remove any shadow of suspicion, increasing public trust and achieving a well-organized and transparent procurement system.

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