National Armed Forces test their preparedness to respond to Covid-19 outbreak

04/06/2020 - 15:23
In Latvia
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From 23 to 27 March, National Armed Forces at the Adazi Training area tested their preparedness to help curb Covid-19 outbreak. If necessary, National Armed Forces can set up a tent camp that can be expanded beyond the territory of training ground when needed.

Camp is suitable for living in cold and hot weather. Tents, fitted with all necessary equipment, can be used for various purposes – accommodation, catering and management.

‘National Armed Forces are constantly working towards the same objective – to be ready to respond to various crisis scenarios at all times. That is why National Armed Forces, strictly following the epidemiological safety guidelines, are currently conducting training at various locations of National Armed Forces units to get them ready to assist in curbing Covid-19 outbreak and ensure adequate combat capabilities,’ stressed Defence Minister Artis Pabriks. ‘We are constantly exchanging latest information with colleagues in the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health. National Armed Forces are ready to offer their support to people at any time.’

Host country support capability training with deployment of camp was coordinated by National Armed Forces Logistics Command 3rd Regional Support Centre and Land Forces Mechanised Infantry Brigade. Camp can be deployed and provide help to people wherever needed. 

Deployable camp infrastructure was acquired through NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) and NATO Security Investment Programme that provided EUR 6 million funding.

As announced earlier, National Armed Forces have developed protocols, identified human resources and infrastructure that can be used to manage the crisis and respond to emergency in case of rapid spreading of Covid-19. National Armed Forces are ready to provide support in curbing the spread of Covid-19 to healthcare sector and Ministry of Interior as soon as it is required.

Political leadership and experts of Defence Ministry are constantly exchanging latest information with Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health. In case of official request, National Armed Forces are ready to engage in additional controls at border crossings or help secure the public order. National Armed Forces have the necessary assets like tents, generators and vehicles to support both health and interior sector. National Armed Forces are also testing their infrastructure deployment capabilities to be ready to provide infrastructure support when necessary. 

As announced earlier, National Armed Forces tested their combat readiness and preparedness during a training on 21-22 March. The objective of the training was to test the required combat capabilities of the army and readiness to engage in curbing of the Covid-19 outbreak and mitigation of its impact.

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