Land Forces cooperation

Units of land forces of the Baltic States participate in joint training on a regular basis, and this affects maintenance of mutual compatibility at a high level.

Also exchange of information on presence of forces of the allies within security-strengthening measures and on mutual harmonisation of the BS position in international formats takes place on a regular basis.

More and more intensive cooperation among voluntary military organisations (in case of Latvia, it is the Civil Guard) should be mentioned — joint meetings of the Chiefs of Staff, training, improving cross-border cooperation among the units.

Baltic Joint Battalion Unit (BALTFOR)

The Baltic States have applied for participation to NATO Response Force (NRF) in 2016 with a joint battalion unit that will be a mutual contribution of a new level to the collective security system of NATO (by now no sub-unit, which is higher than a platoon, has been delegated by Latvia to participate to the NRF).

In autumn of 2015, the BS successfully participated in the training, Trident Juncture, organised by NATO.

Creation of a joint battalion unit is one more opportunity to deepen and develop the cooperation, including increase in the mutual compatibility among the Baltic States directing it towards the next level, which is mutual integration, that is especially important when taking into consideration recent changes to the security situation in the region.