The National Armed Forces can demolish structures with the blasting method for training purposes

The National Armed Forces of Latvia can demolish buildings with the blasting method for training purposes. The information about the buildings will be provided by state institutions and local governments.

The specialists that serve in the National Armed Forces are taught different building demolition methods by using explosives. In order to increase their capabilities, the specialists must have practical experience by using the blasting method for training purposes on buildings that require demolition.

Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers “Procedures for Involvement of the National Armed Forces in the Destruction of Explosive Objects or Blasting Work on Land in Peace”, prepared by the Ministry of Defense on 13 October 2015, prescribe the procedure by which state institutions and local governments may inform the National Armed Forces about structures that are intended (or can be) demolished by the blasting method.

The regulation envisages that when carrying out the demolition of buildings by the blasting method, the service requester shall organize the support of the state or local government police in ensuring all the security requirements in order to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the designated security area, as well as the presence and support of the State Fire and Rescue Service and the Emergency Medical Service during the course of demolition.

The National Armed Forces and the service requester shall enter into a written agreement on the demolition of the specific structure, in which the parties agree on the time of operation, security requirements, cooperation and other issues.

Building demolition projects with a blasting method planned for 2022:

  • Object “Multi-storey technical building” Ventspils region Ance parish Irbene;
  • Object “School” Irbene, Ance parish, Ventspils region.

These objects are located in the territory of the former Soviet army town and are in a state of emergency.

No. Building type Number of units Characterization Notes
1. Bridge/Viaduct 1 Reinforced concrete, concrete construction Possible training planning time 2023
2. Tower 1 Reinforced concrete, concrete construction and brick construction  
3. Tower 1 Metal construction  
4. Building 3 Single and multi-storey brick building  
5. Water navigation pipe 4 Reinforced concrete, concrete construction  

The National Armed Forces provides support to state and local government institutions in the demolition of buildings / objects by the blasting method, in accordance with the need to provide training for its units.

In order for a state or local government institution to offer the demolition of buildings / objects by blasting, it is necessary to send a physical or electronic letter addressed to the Commander of the National Armed Forces to the following address: Joint Staff of the National Armed Forces, Krustabaznicas Street 9, Riga LV-1006 and for electronic letters: