Project support

The Ministry of Defense has approved guidelines for projects to be supported as a priority in the defence sector for the time period 2022.–2024.

The guidelines set out the topics to be regarded as priority projects in the defence sector, as well as the criteria for the administrative and quality eligibility of book and film projects.
In case funding will be available in the defence sector budget for the implementation of various projects, priority will be given to applicants that comply with the criteria set out in the Guidelines for Priority Projects in the Defense Sector for 2022-2024.

Questions about possible support for projects are considered at the meetings of the Public Relations Council of the Ministry of Defence.

The support request (application and completed project application form) must be submitted in paper format, sending it to the Ministry of Defence or in electronic format by sending it to the address or the e-mail address of the Ministry of Defence, using the portal.

Contact person:

Agnija Lauska
Military public affairs department
Head of the Military Public Information Section
Phone: 67335219