In order to modernize the decision-making process of the Cabinet of Ministers, ensuring more accessible participation and efficient, rapid improvement of the process of drafting and coordinating draft legal acts, as well as the processes of management meetings, a single portal for drafting and coordinating draft legal acts has been introduced (TAP website). On this site, anyone can get involved in drafting legislation - giving an opinion and following the progress of documents.

Public participation is the involvement of citizens, society and non-governmental organizations in the policy-making process, the aim of which is to ensure that the decisions taken by public administration correspond to the needs of society. Representatives of the public can express their opinion on development planning documents, draft legal acts at the initial stage of their development, as well as at other stages when issues relevant to the public are addressed. The procedure for public participation is regulated by: the Development Planning System Law; Public Administration Structure Law; Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of 25 August 2009 No. 970 "Procedures for Public Participation in the Development Planning Process".

With the introduction of the TAP website, national and local authorities are no longer required to post information on documents under development and harmonization on their websites. We invite you to follow the development of draft legislation in the new TAP website.