International cooperation

International defence cooperation is one of Defence Ministry’s core tasks. Latvia mostly cooperates with like-minded countries that can support Latvia’s aspirations to strengthen national defence and promote international security through bilateral and multilateral forms of cooperation.
Latvia joined the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in 2004. Latvia and its National Armed Forces take part in NATO’s missions and operations, provide host nation support to allied forces of NATO deployed to Latvia – tasks that boost Latvia’s defence and serve as deterrence to aggressors considering military attack on Latvia. Latvia hosts various units of NATO’s collective defence, with most prominent being the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia and Headquarters Multinational Division North. Latvia engages in joint training, planning and experience exchange activities with these units. 
Presence of allied troops in Latvia requires constant collaboration. Latvia and other Baltic countries consistently work with allied troops on updating of threats faced by the Baltic nations, as well as other initiatives aimed at continuous improvement of NATO’s collective readiness to stop and defeat foreign invasion. Strong defence is the best safeguard against any potential military conflicts.  
Cooperation with other nations also benefits development of the National Armed Forces. Latvia regularly hosts military exercise to help boost its own and allied military capabilities and interoperability in scope of various military activities despite differences in terms of language, equipment and level of previous training. 
International military cooperation also includes regional integration projects, joint military procurements and cooperation between military industries of various countries. The aim military cooperation is to ensure safe existence and development of both Latvia and other Baltic countries as one region.