Public involvement

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is open for cooperation with civil society and invites non-governmental sector to actively participate in the policy planning and implementation processes of state administration.

The MoD has established a regular cooperation with the non-governmental sector in Latvia and abroad.

In cooperation with NGO various projects are implemented every year.

Suggestions submitted by NGO and other representatives of society are reviewed by councils created by the minister of defence.

To promote involvement of the non-governmental sector in the processes in defence sector, the MoD regularly informs the active cooperation partners about topicalities and invites to joint discussions for exchange of ideas and opinions.

Cooperation between the MoD and non-governmental sector is coordinated by the Military Public Affairs Department.

Contact persons:


Dace Kundrāte 
Head of the Military Public Information Section
Military Public Affairs Department
Phone: 67335254
E-mail: Dace.Kundrate[at]