Military Capabilities

Latvia's military capabilities rely upon the National Armed Forces and its ability to guarantee the country's independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty with the use of military means in case of an armed conflict. Currently, the priority of the National Armed Forceis to ensure the capabilities of the special forces, military engineers, air defence, intelligence, command, mechanization, indirect fire support and other capabilities. The medium-term and long-term capability development is described in the development plan of the National Armed Forces.

Defence Strategy is a way in which the National Armed Forces carry out the military defence of Latvia. The improvement of the Defence Strategy is the responsibility of the National Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence. Currently, there is an ongoing work to increase the number of staff working in the National Armed Forces and to facilitate the role of the National Guard. New National Guard units are being created, and provided with the individual equipment. Similarly, this aspect envisages the defence of Latvia's critical infrastructure, protection of the public administration institutions, and maintenance of secure communication networks together with the realization of other tasks.

On one side, the military defence of Latvia is based on the psychological endurance and readiness to resist occupational forces and strengthen the weakest links the defence chain. Such measures envision participation of the public administration institutions and society alike so that every Latvian citizen would know their place and role in the resistance movement. The use of resistance movements in the National Armed Forces is one the primary types of national defence, as there is a risk of losing control of legal power over a part or in all of Latvia in the event of a crisis or military conflict. Timely construction of infrastructure, keeping in mind its use during time of crisis or military conflict is a responsible way of thinking by planning and developing country's defence and resistance modules.

The military component of the Comprehensive Defence System is an integral part of the system itself, as it can provide not only the country's defence with military means, but it also gives an opportunity for people to participate in national defence processes. To increase the overall number of professional soldiers and the members of the National Guard is one of the primary objectives that are necessary to carry out in the future. Similarly, other mechanisms should be envisaged for Latvian citizens to be involved in national defence processes.